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Your seo consultant will explain the website optimization process in layman's terms. The average seo company talks down to clients and tries to impress you with technical jargon. Our seo consultant will explain each phase of the website optimization and work with you to create an affordable website design that will satisfy your personal needs.


We offer free email, free hosting, domain support, manual submission and dedicated IP hosting. We support your need to update content and photos at no extra charge. We perform manual submission of your website and send you regular reports monitoring your progress.

Guaranteed Results.

We guarantee first page natural listing placement on Google and MSN/Live.com. We also guarantee that your website optimization will be completed on time to your satisfaction.

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Free SEO Consultatation: (702) 655 - 2468     Email Us: Answers@Internet-Highway.com

Thank you for your interest in our services. I hope to welcome you to our family of valued clients. Michael Lawrence - President

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About Us

Keywords         Content         Optimization         Design         Hosting

What is an SEO consultant?

SEO or search engine optimization is performed by an seo consultant. This involves adding keyword dense content, search engine friendly source code, links and site files to a website in order to achieve better placement on the search engines. Our seo consultant will evaluate your website free of charge.

How long does website optimization take?

There are three phases to our website optimization. You can learn more about each phase by clicking on one of our menu topics such as keywords or content. Each phase takes about 10 days. Our average website optimization is completed within 30 to 60 days.

What is manual submission?

Beware of submission services! Google hates automatic submission. Manual submission is the process of submitting your website to the search engines. Manual submission tells the search engines to visit your site and place you in their index. The submission process has become more elaborate and requires codes to be added to your website and site files to be added to your site folders. We include manual submission as part of our affordable seo package.

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Why should I choose your SEO company?

Written Guarantee.

Like any other important purchase - you should demand a written guarantee from any seo company you consider. There are only a handful of legitimate seo companies in North America. Most companies that solicit search engine optimization make a lot of promises, but balk at the request to put those promises in writing. Our seo company guarantees completion of your website and first page placement on the top three search engines in writing.

We do More - For Less Money - Faster Placement!

Many seo companies optimize a website one page at a time. This delays the time it takes for you to achieve Google placement and start making money from your website. We create keyword dense content and source code for every page prior to completion and manual submission of your website. Our average competitor would charge around $8,000 per year and about $800 per month for this level of optimization. Our affordable web design is included with the optimization. Our seo team works on separate parts of your optimization simultaneously. This allows us to complete the work sooner for about a third of the cost.

Website Revenues.

In our first session we will discuss your specific market and then conduct thorough keyword research to make sure we optimize for keywords that can bring you a high volume of quality traffic. This important step is often neglected by the average seo company. Most seo companies are only concerned with keyword density. We want to keep you as a monthly client. This is why we focus heavily on helping you create good visitor friendly pages and content that help you increase website sales for your product or service. We have a vested interest in your success.

Free SEO Consultatation: (702) 655 - 2468     Email Us: Answers@Internet-Highway.com

Our SEO consultant will evaluate your website for free! We guarantee first page Google, Yahoo and Live Search placement with each website optimization. Our SEO company includes free manual submission with each optimization.

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