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Mobile Web Design

Our mobile web design company has been building mobile websites since they were invented. Most mobile sites are just blocks of photos with very little content. That was not good enough for us or our clients'. Our Mobile / Desktop friendly web design helps you convert visitors into calls. Around 80% of your visitors will be viewing your website on a mobile phone. This is not an issue that you can afford to overlook.

The Challenge

Make your website look great on desktops and on mobile phones. You want your visitors to be impressed, also to learn about you and why you are better than the competition. There is not much room for design or promotional content on a mobile phone in upright or portrait view.

The Solution

Mobile visitors can view a list of your services, contact and call buttons in upright or portrait view on their phone. When they turn the phone sideways to landscape view – they can view your whole website and all your offerings. About 50% of people hold phone upright, 50% sideways when viewing a website. This allows you to convert 100% of your mobile traffic.

Our Design Process

Our first 15 minute call allows us to build the SEO or optimized framework of your website. Once that is finished, our second call is a design meeting. We will discuss your color and photo preferences. Then we send you a test home page for your approval or edits. All our web designs are custom made to ensure your satisfaction.

Mobile Web Design Samples

View this website and the samples below on desktop and mobile as an example.
Web Design for Attorneys
Web Design for Plumbers
Web Design for Auto Repair
Web Design for Therapists

Two 15 minute calls with you is all we need to complete your project. > Our Process

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