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Internet Highway

For over 15 years’ we’ve helped small businesses achieve first page organic Google placement. Small business is our business. We keep the process affordable by “Not” paying for outside sales reps or retail offices. We are in the U.S. and never outsource. A partner of our firm services your account personally. We have “No” Long Term Contracts.

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Organic Google Placement

There are 3 types of listings on the Google search results. They are listed below as they appear from top to bottom…
AdWords or sponsored listings (Pay per click.)
Google My Business Map Listings (Free)
Organic Search Results. (Free)

Remember, that salesman in your office or on your phone is “Not” the one doing the work. Most will outsource your account overseas or to a newbie in a cubical once you sign that contract.

The Problem

The term monthly SEO is used a lot by salesmen. There is no such thing. Optimization is written into every page of your website when it is built or it’s not. 90% of websites are un-optimized control panel WordPress sites. You find that out 3 months later when you have no first page Google placement and are stuck in a long term contract. Then they sell you a $3,000 per month AdWords campaign.

The Solution

We have a system to help you achieve first page organic Google placement. We consult with you and compile a list of products or services you offer. We then research those terms on Google to find the most highly searched keyword phrases for your products or services. We build an optimized page for each of your main service or product categories. There are several hundred steps we take to optimize your website. I won’t bore you with the details – you just want your phone to ring.

Getting Your Phone to Ring!

Achieving first page organic Google placement is just half the battle. Once potential clients find your website, you need to impress them. They also need to be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Our mobile web design allows visitors to quickly contact you in upright or portrait view on mobile phones. By turning their phone sideways they can view your entire website, learn about you, and all of your offerings.

We Handle Everything!

Using multiple providers for your internet marketing means multiple bills and poor service. Tired of waiting on hold, or suffering through overseas chat support? We provide 24/7 phone support and take care of everything for one low price. We leave your current site up as we build your new website to eliminate down time.

One Low Price

Domain, SSL, Optimization, Mobile Web Design, Content Writing, Custom Social Network Design.
We also specialize in Account Recovery for Domains, Google and Social Media, if needed at no additional charge.

One Low Monthly Fee

Hosting, Social Media Marketing, Google My Business Management, Email, Domain Renewal, SEO Monitoring, Analytics and Content Updates. No Long Term Contracts!

Time is Money

Our consultations are all done over the phone and via email, around your schedule. This saves you time and money.

Two 15 minute calls with you is all we need to complete your project. > Our Process

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