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Google Placement.

We address every aspect of your website in order to achieve first page Google placement quickly. Organic Google placement can reduce your advertising costs. We optimize each page for each of your specific services, in your area.

Keyword Dense Content.

Your approved keywords are written into unique keyword dense paragraphs for each page. This content is discreetly added to your pages to avoid compromising traffic conversion and design. We never use invisible text or black hat methods.

Unique Keyword Meta Tags.

We achieve Google placement sooner by writing individual source code and keyword meta tags for each page we optimize prior to manual submission.

Robot Files, Manual Submission and Linking.

We create files that direct the search engine robots to your optimized pages. We manually submit and monitor your site. We help you develop proper linking relationships and content updates in order to maintain your Google placement.


About Us

Organic Google Placement: (702) 598 - 3920     Email Us: Answers@Internet-Highway.com


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What is Natural Listing Google Placement?

First Page Google placement can be achieved two ways. One is to pay to be listed in the sponsored links which are responsible for about thirty percent of website traffic on Google. The other way is to be awarded first page keyword placement by Google in the natural listings. This accounts for about seventy percent of website traffic on Google. We achieve first page natural listing Google placement.

What is Bing Search Placement?

Bing.com, the new MSN search engine, is the Microsoft version of Googles search engine. MSN users, who are now redirected to Bing search placements, have a higher buy ratio than visitors on any other search engine. Our keyword optimization achieves first page Google, Yahoo and Live search placement. Achieving Live search placement may have an even greater value if Microsoft is successful in its attempts to purchase Yahoo.

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How can I reduce Adwords Cost?

Pay per click and adwords cost are becoming more expensive and less effective every year. Millions of businesses bid for placement in the sponsored links. We conduct keyword popularity research to determine your most valuable phrases. Our natural listing placement can help you reduce adwords cost.

How Much does Affordable SEO Cost?

Legitimate search engine optimization averages 8 - 10 thousand dollars per website. Our affordable SEO program provides you with the same work and results for less than half that cost. We keep our prices down to avoid eliminating small businesses from our client base. Our average technician types 75 words per minute. Our 360 step system is streamlined by having four or five specialized technicians work simultaneously on separate aspects of the optimization. This is how we are able to offer effective, affordable SEO and organic first page placement.

Organic Google Placement: (702) 598 - 3920     Email Us: Answers@Internet-Highway.com

Organic first page Google placement. Our affordable SEO program can save you money and help you reduce Adwords cost.

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