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organic google placement

Organic Google placement can reduce your advertising costs. We optimize pages for each of your specific services, in your area. Your approved keywords are written into unique, keyword dense, visitor friendly paragraphs for each page.

Helping Small Businesses Succeed.

Big corporations can afford to spend tens of thousands advertising on Google. You probably can’t. Our job is to even the playing field. Organic Google placement is free, if you can achieve it. Unfortunately, it’s more profitable for web design and internet marketing companies to just sell you a cheap WordPress site and move on. Once you figure out they are not really SEO’s they have your money and a long term contract. Our job is to help small businesses succeed.

Charles Howard:
“Sometimes when the little guy doesn't know he is the little guy, he can do great things.”
-Movie Seabiscuit

Winning the War

There are two large groups you are fighting to impress. Google and potential Customers. There are dozens of obstacles no one mentions and most internet marketing companies do not address. Over the past 15 years, we have created a checklist to address all of these. Every box is checked before we launch a website. Do you know how to optimize and verify your Google My Business listing, or make your logo fit properly in your Facebook header? We do!

Impressing Google

Google inspects every aspect of your internet marketing and online presence before it awards first page Google placement to anyone. This includes your website, Google My Business listing, social media accounts and even your physical business address. You are trying to get to the first page of organic google placement for specific keyword phrases in your area. We make sure your website, content, Meta tags and social media posts confirm you deserve placement for those phrases. Once your site is live, we continue to promote you with Google by helping you generate reviews and keyword dense weekly content.

Impressing Customers

First page organic Google placement will get potential clients to your door. Then you need them to want to come in and buy. This is called conversion - converting visitors into calls and sales. We do this by building a website that impresses visitors and helps them find what they are looking for quickly and easily. 80% of traffic is mobile now. Our mobile web design is a key factor in your success. We want you as long term client, we have a vested interest in your success. We will optimize every aspect of your internet marketing campaign for one low price.

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