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Innovations we’ve pioneered over the years to help you increase sales…

2004 – Guaranteed Google Placement. We were the first, and maybe the only company, to ever offer guaranteed Google placement. Google stopped allowing access to placement report data, so we can’t technically guarantee it anymore. But we still achieve the same results.

2006 – Landing View. We pioneered web designs that do not require paging down to view the main menu or featured content. This increases visitor retention and conversion of traffic into calls.

2010 – Community Social. In addition to posting information about our client’s services on Facebook and Twitter – we began adding posts about local community events. This helps our clients to take their sales hat off and become welcome members of their local online community.

2012 – Mobile / Desktop. When the mobile app craze hit we saw a problem. Mobile apps are only designed for upright or portrait view. 50% of visitors hold their phone sideways when viewing a website. There is no room in portrait view for visitor friendly content, or to display your menu and all your services. We created a design that looks great on desktop, but allows mobile visitors to access your contact info quickly in portrait view and view your entire website in landscape. View this site on your phone.

2018 – Google Now. As Google algorithms advanced, we adapted slight changes to our SEO structure. The result was the ability to achieve first page Google placement even faster. This helps our clients reduce or eliminate AdWords cost. You do not have to be priced out of your market by big corporations and rising AdWords cost.

2019 – Mobile Zoom. Tired of sliding and stretching website pages on mobile to enlarge the text? View this site on your cell phone and click the Mobile Zoom icon. This can dramatically increase your conversion of visits into calls and sales.

2020 - New Mobile. We are constantly learning and upgrading. New mobile is a whole site font and lay out innovation that allows visitors to view your content and offerings seamlessly on mobile and desktop. This website was built in New Mobile.

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