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Google was born in September of 1998. Four years later in 2002, Internet Highway began optimizing websites for organic Google placement. Our SEO company in Las Vegas has been optimizing websites for first page Google placement since Google was a kid. Facebook was founded two years later in 2004.

Small Business is Our Business

Over the last decade, AdWords and map placements have invaded the first page of Google. A lot of SEOs saw this as the end of organic optimization and left the small business sector. The void was filled by big corporations and one man operations. They flooded the market with cheap control panel WordPress websites. You can build a control panel site in an hour, real SEO website design takes weeks.

Those programs pump out websites quickly for internet marketing firms, but unlike the custom HTML sites SEOs were building, were never designed to get a website to the first page of Google. This forced small businesses to “pay to play” and spend thousands of dollars per month in AdWords to stay on the first page of Google.

A Vested Interest in Your Success

Our SEO Company in Las Vegas has served the nation for over 15 years. We continue providing SEO, affordable web design, and social media campaigns for small business owners. Unlike our competition, we spend most of our money on the back end, the people doing the work, not on outside sales reps. We do not want a bunch of one-time payments from customers that leave unhappy in 90 days. Our main source of income is long term monthly clients and referrals from happy customers. Internet Highway has a vested interest in your success.


One of my favorite movies is Sea Biscuit. The internet marketing industry is “profit” not “performance” driven. Every year we work hard to create innovations that help our small business clients compete with big corporations. We love fighting for “The little guy”.

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