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Go Fishing - We've got this!

We will set up your hosting, email and find you a domain if needed at no additional charge. We make sure your hosting and email run smoothly, so you can focus on the important things in life!

We are DNS experts.

We've been providing website design and hosting in Las Vegas and across the nation for over 15 years! We specialize in website design and hosting for small business. If you are paying multiple providers, you are probably paying too much, for inferior service.

We and provide everything from hosting, domain and email support, to domain and account recovery at no additional charge.

Free Domain.

We will search the aftermarket for the most valuable domain available for your market. We allot up to $50 for domain purchase per client. We also provide free hosting for your domain. If you have a domain and require a DNS transfer - we will resolve that for you at no charge.

Your Personal Support Assistant.

No more waiting on hold or spending hours trying to figure out hosting, domain or email issues. A partner of our firm services your account personally. A quick call or or email is all it takes and we will handle it for you!


About Us

Free Godaddy Hosting: (702) 598 - 3920     Email Us:


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What is Dedicated IP Hosting?

Dedicated IP hosting is needed to insure your website is not penalized by Google. A dedicated IP address separates your website from thousands of other sites being hosted on a shared hosting account. About 90% of websites are on a shared hosting account. A dedicated IP hosting account can prevent your website from being penalized for the violations committed by other websites on a shared account. A dedicated IP hosting account will only cost an additional $40 per year. A few extra dollars a month will safeguard your website.

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What is a DNS Transfer?

DNS stands for Domain Name Service. DNS transfers can be confusing and time consuming. Every domain has a name server that assigns that domain to a hosting account. Choosing the right domain can be an important decision. You may decide to move your website to another domain or build a new site on domain hosted elsewhere. We offer free DNS transfer support. We can help you change the name servers on your domain and execute the DNS transfer to a new hosting account.

Free Godaddy Hosting: (702) 598 - 3920     Email Us:

Our affordable hosting services include a free Go Daddy hosting, email and domain for SEO clients.  We also provide dedicated IP hosting and DNS transfer support.

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